Owning a Weedbit grants you access to our stoners’ club and its members-only perks.

Each member with at least one Weedbit in their wallet can claim a monthly perk, which varies every month.

Some perks are rare gears, part of special collections, such as the Dope Lighters, while some others are real treasures, such as the Dragon Bongs.


Every early supporter of the Weedbits Club will get one Dope Lighter.

There are gears and VIP passes.

- The gold lighter is the premium VIP pass which gives top class benefits to the users who minted it before the sales: it is hold by our first line users, who will take the most precious advantages of this pass.

- Silver VIP pass is a VIP pass similar to the gold one, but with less priority benefits compared to the gold lighter's owners. It grants to its owners crazy benefits.

- Gears: these Lighters are tokens with no VIP benefits functions, but real piece of art, part of a parallel collection by Weedbits creators. Those gears might be of two types: one is for those who minted on ETH and have been already dropped to the entitled users. The second type is reserved to those who bought Weedbits on Binance NFT Marketplace.

Diclaimer - These two groups of Lighters can "overlap": it means you can have both a VIP pass and an Early Supporter Gear, as they are two separate and different categories. You can also hold both the gear collections if you minted both on ETH and Binance, but won't be able to hold more than one VIP pass.

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