Collect 7 Dragon Bongs, make a wish!


Show me your Dragon Bongs

The Weedbits Club Members can spice up their wallet with the magic touch of the Dragon of Bongs.

As our Road Map hits 20% of the collection minted, The Dragon will be released and every Weedbit's owner will have a monthly chance to get one of the super rare 7 star Dragonbongs.

When a collector holds all the seven star Dragon Bongs, they will be able to draw a free Legendary Series Weedbit.

The Dragon Bongs might be collected both as single gears with the monthly raffle or as trait of a Weedbit that the user has minted.

Here on the website, users will find their owned Dragon Bongs showed in the bar: as they own a new one, the corresponding Dragon Bongs lights up.

Connect your wallet now and start your journey to collect the Seven Dragon Bongs and summon the Dragon, like Goku and Vegeta.

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